More than 2 million square meters built.

Road Roller operated by a construction worker inside an industrial park building that is currently under construction
Road Roller operated by a construction worker inside an industrial park building that is currently under construction

Our Construction Services offer:

  • Team with experience and vision focused on the customer

  • Supported by a nationwide network of quality suppliers

  • The best brands and quality in our products

  • Private company with financial stability

  • Development leader in construction of speculative buildings and built to suit projects

  • 100% Satisfied customers

  • Class A buildings with worldwide quality standards

  • Repeated business and frequent expansion projects of our costumers

  • Awarded by expansion magazine in the top 500 Leading companies

Drone photograph of a DAVISA industrial park

More advantages in our construction division:

  • Delivery on time: based on operating methods, management systems and techniques that allow us to meet the established dates

  • Competitive prices, savings with our contractor, always using the best materials and brands

  • We offer in each project value engineering, use of technological tools, BIM methodology, lean construction and quality systems

  • The highest standards and preventive practices on site to ensure the highest level of safety

  • Services at any part of the country: experienced staff in different regions of the country

  • Financial strength and excellent economic conditions distinguish us

  • Focused on building trust, having mutual goals and maintaining customer satisfaction

  • High quality standards and based on the norms and certifications that our customers require

Drone photograph of a DAVISA industrial park

our specialties


Davisa is committed to safety. Our work and focus are always on creating a comfortable and risk-free environment for our staff with an attitude of zero tolerance to any act or condition that puts safety in our work area at risk.


  1. Safety and accident prevention manual.

  2. Measurement of security objectives.

  3. Operational and safety report by specialties.

  4. Registration of hazardous materials and substances.

  5. Registration of vehicles and machinery.

Regulatory measures

  1. Security audits

  2. Safety equipment uses audits

  3. 5S Audits

Safety program bases

  1. Needs detection and training annual plan guidance
  2. DAVISA Official Program on Safety, Health and Environment.
  3. Official Public Health Plan for the well-being of our employees.
  4. Compliance with international standards such as OSHA, STPS, NFPA, etc.
  5. Compliance with federal, state and social security regulations

On field

  1. Safety Supervisor (s) assigned to each project

  2. Safety training and supervision by specialty

  3. Training and daily safety training

  4. Emergency protocols

  5. Attention and medical transport during open hours

  6. Periodic medical examination

  7. Visual aids in the work area

  8. Environmental protection and cleaning regulations

construction services experience

building experiences with our customers

“BIC decided to settle in Santa Maria Industrial Park of Davisa due to existence of a great number of world class companies. The Industrial Park offers several advantages: one of them is its location, easy and fast to move all of our logistic flow materials and finish goods to our main US customer in a short time. Davisa is well known for its high level of expertise and experience in development and construction of large industrial buildings that cover all of the expectations required by the client.

BIC is grateful and appreciates DAVISA its invaluable support since we started our operations in March 2009 to this date very successfully”

Gustavo Gomez

Plant Manager | BIC

“Metal Triple M Mexico continues to enjoy our relationship long after our project were completed. The Davisa team has met our expectations including the commercial, operations, construction, engineering and administrative departments. We have worked together on two major projects so far in the Santa Maria Industrial Park and our satisfaction has been maintained beyond the opening of our doors. Any “bump in the road” along the way have always been worked out to everyone’s satisfaction”.

Sheldon Frank

Director International Division | Triple M Metal

“We at KSR have worked with Davisa on 3 separate expansion projects which were a combination of leasing and purchase. We chose Davisa because they offered a full service and flexible solution that met our needs perfectly. We found a team in Davisa that resulted to be friendly, competent and always putted our needs first. I look forward to working with the Davisa team again in the future”.

Steve Ross

VP Manufacturing Engineering | KSR
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