Strong in automotive, metal-mechanic, and rising the appliances, aerospace and information technologies industries, the diversity of the industry is what has provided constant growth for each sector, the region knows how to adapt itself to the fast changes and the region is proving success with its competitive and experienced workforce that constantly ensures outstanding performance and high quality in production.

Saltillo 's workforce is internationally acclaimed for its high quality and productivity standards. The labor force in the region is a very important and attractive “plus” that Saltillo-Ramos Arizpe has to offer foreign investors. Coahuila has a work force of nearly 1 million capable, able, knowledgeable, experienced, and trained workers.

SCompanies such as Unison Aerospace, Alcoa Fastenings, Seniro Ketema, Leggett & Platt Inc., Whirlpool Corp., Mabe, General Electric, Caterpillar, Daimler Chrysler, General Motors, Behr, and Magna among others are currently experiencing the benefits that the region has to offer worldwide companies from every sector that are interested in low-cost operations within Mexico. 

The industry has honest, happy people, committed to every company's philosophy, surpassing any productivity competitiveness offered around the world.