Lease Agreements.

  • Our lease agreements are based on a triple net contract which requires the Tenant to pay insurance, taxes and the maintenance costs of its premises.
  • We usually work under lease terms of 5, 7 and 10 years.
  • All of our lease agreements are based in U.S. Dlls. currency.
  • Our contractual lease agreement is based on the yearly Indexation of the CPI-Urban Institute.
  • Prior to signing the lease agreement we require a lease Guaranty by a Holding Company representing the firm.
  • During our negotiation stages we require the company to present their audited financial statements from the past 3 years.

Lease with an option to buy.

  • Lease with a purchase option because we want to offer our tenants certain flexibility. We settle up-to-date all the terms and conditions we want in a lease, plus an option to purchase clause and sometimes an up front price for the buildings, so we are protected and our tenants are satisfied with this option.

Purchase Contracts.

  • We usually request a 30% down payment, 20% against delivery of steel structure, the rest in progressive payments every two weeks.
  • We always perform our purchase agreements using a construction contract based on a lump sum design agreement.