Davisa's Industrial Park Division was begun in 1999 and has always avidly promoted the attraction of investors to the region. From its inception, this Division has been a leader in the development of industrial construction in Saltillo-Ramos Arizpe, having built more than two million square feet in 6 years.

Our industrial parks are strategically located, offering companies more efficient operations, access to international highways, adjacent to employee housing communities, technology schools, and recreational parks. We include all infrastructure and high capacity utility services. But the greatest competitive advantage of our industrial parks is that they meet the needs of our most demanding clients that are generally international companies. 

Our industrial park properties are 100% urbanized and include all the services and guaranteed capacities, depending on the client's specific needs. 

There is an on-site management team that responds promptly to maintenance needs for the industrial parks, as well as internal security 24/7. 

We offer a broad, versatile range of utility services for our industrial park clients, including electricity, telecommunications, natural gas, rail service, and deep water wells. When Davisa is developing an Industrial Park, it is automatically known that the best location is selected in order

to achieve the best balance between labor, availability, transportation and logistics efficiency, utility services reliability and a full package of complementary services that are offered in order to assure its clients that every aspect is being considered for their successful expansion/relocation projects.