Santa María Industrial Park,
Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila MX.


  • Earthworks for the building pad, including 6” aggregate base coarse.
  • Asphalt pavement 2” thick, including 10” aggregate base coarse at parking area.
  • Asphalt pavement 3” thick, including 10” aggregate base coarse at truck driveways.
  • Concrete curbs and concrete sidewalks for parking lot and driveways included.
  • Precast concrete walls full height on front and sides of the building.
  • CMU-Block split face wall 8’ high and the remaining height up to the eave will have 26 ga. metal siding with 3” fiberglass batt as insulation on rear side of the building.
  • Precast concrete walls 4” thick in façade.
  • Concrete floor slab 250 kg/cm2, 6” thickness, reinforced with steel fiber in all manufacturing/warehouse area.
  • 4” thick concrete slab wire mesh reinforced at offices, restrooms and services areas.
  • Pre-engineered Metallic brand metal building.
  • 27’ clear height in manufacturing/warehouse area.
  • Space between bays = 50’ by 74’.
  • Roof system based on TRD-91.5 metal deck, Ultry-Ply TPO membrane 0.060” + 1.5” Firestone polyisocianurate (ISO). No translucent panels are included on roof.
  • 5% of 51”x99” acrylic skylights, Naturalite brand on roof.
  • Emergency doors according to Construction Code. Hollow metal doors (3’x7’) with metal frame and push bar device.
  • Six (6) loading dock systems (expandable to 12), 6’ x 8’, 30,000 pounds capacity, mechanically operated dock levelers, lifting (sectional) doors, with shelters, bumpers and cool lights.
  • Three (3) metal drive-in 3.60 x 4.20 m electrically operated roll up door in access ramps.
  • Fire protection system based on hose stations (includes hose stations, alarm system devices and dry chemical extinguishers). Includes pump.
  • Interior hydrants to be provided, ½” hose station with 100 ft long 1½” hose, rack assembly, house cover and piping hangers. Fittings and paint included.
  • Domestic water storage cistern of 100 m3 capacity is considered for services and appliances.
  • Forced air ventilation system accordingly to reach six (6) air changes per hour in manufacturing/warehouse area.
  • Exhaust system on service rooms.
  • Power and compressors rooms in the exterior.
  • One (1) 183 sq.ft. Guard house will be located in front of the main access at the property.
  • Architectural façade including the combination of several materials, in accordance to the regulations of the Industrial Park such as: silver panel, glassing, stone wall and textured paint.
  • Architectural fence on the front side of the property. The rest will be closed with chainlink fence.